Talks and Presentations

I have presented / will be presenting at…

European Political Science Association (EPSA)

  • Cologne, Germany: 2024: Panel: TBA.
  • Glasgow, Scotland: 2023: Panel: The many dimension of evaluating candidates.
  • Prague, Czech Republic: 2022. Panel: Patronage & Accountability.

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

  • Innsbruck, Austria: 2022. Panel: Clientelism in Developing Democracies: Divergent Explanations, Convergent Outcomes (full panel organizer).

Nordic Sociological Association Conference (NSA)

  • Reykjavik, Iceland: 2022. Panel: Myths and realities of the Nordic welfare state.

Nordic Political Science Association Conference (NOPSA)

  • Bergen, Norway: 2024. Panel: Parties, Governments, and Policy Making.

Nordic Latin American Research Network (NOLAN)

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: 2024. Panel: TBA.

Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics (SIOE)

  • Toronto, Canada: 2022. [declined]

Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA)

  • Chicago, IL: 2024. Democratic and Anti-democratic Attitudes Latin America.
  • Chicago, IL: 2023. Factors Influencing Voting Behavior.
  • Chicago, IL: 2020. Panel: Experiments for Improving Democratic Institutions. Canceled (COVID19).
  • Chicago, IL: 2018. JSS Session: Comparative Political Economy. [declined]
  • Chicago, IL: 2017. JSS Session: Political Economy of Development and Regime Change.

American Political Science Association (APSA)

  • San Francisco, CA: 2020. Panel: Change, Stability, and Hierarchy in International Orders.
  • Washington D.C.: 2019. Panel: The Political Economy of Latin America. Chair and (full panel organizer).
  • Philadelphia, PA: 2016. Panel: Evaluations and Inferences in Campaign Environments.

Nordic Latin American Research Network (NOLAN)

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: 2024. Panel: TBA.

Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

  • Vancouver, Canada: 2023. Panel: Democracy and Political Attitudes in Latin America (full panel organizer).

  • San Francisco, CA: 2022. Panel: The Politics of Corruption and Anti-Corruption.

  • Barcelona, Spain: 2018. Panel: Building and Eroding State Capacity.

  • New York City, NY: 2016. Panel: States, Institutions, and Market Forces.

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: 2015. Panel: Poverty and Political Participation. [declined]

  • Chicago, IL: 2014. Panel: Clientelism and Corruption.

Italian Association for the History of Economic Thought (AISPE)

  • Bologna, Italy: 2019. Panel: The rise of economic inequality. Contributions from the history of the social sciences.

Italian Political Science Association (SISP)

  • Genova, Italy: 2023. Panel: Social Status, Social norms, Public Opinion and Political Behaviour.

Red de Economía Polītica para América Latina (REPAL)

  • New Orleans, LA: 2019.

Western Political Science Association (WPSA)

  • San Francisco, CA: 2018. Miniconference: The Political Economy of Undemocratic Politics. [declined]

  • San Diego, CA: 2016. Panel: Politics of Inequality. [declined]

  • Las Vegas, NV: 2015. Panel: Latin American Politics.

Southern Political Science Association (SPSA)

  • New Orleans, LA: 2024. Panel: TBA.
  • St. Petersburg, FL: 2023. Panel: Elections Outside the United States.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: 2020. Panel: Trust, Clientelism, and Behavior. [declined]
  • New Orleans, LA: 2018. Panel: The Political Economy of Development.
  • New Orleans, LA: 2015. Panel: Issues in Electoral Politics.

Development Economics and Policy Conference (German Economic Association)

  • Zurich, Switzerland: 2018. Parallel Session. [declined]

Congreso Chileno de Ciencia Política (ACCP)

  • Santiago, Chile: 2023. Panel: Intención de voto y comportamiento electoral (coauthor).
  • Santiago, Chile: 2010. Panel: Vínculos Partido-votante (coauthor).

Congreso Red Inter-Americana de Educación en Administración Pública (INPAE)

  • Concepción, Chile: 2019.