Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Hector Bahamonde and Outi Sarpila (2023). “Physical Appearance and Elections: An Inequality Perspective.” Political Psychology. Forthcoming.

  • Hector Bahamonde and Andrea Canales (2022). “Electoral Risk and Vote Buying, Introducing Prospect Theory to the Experimental Study of Clientelism.” Electoral Studies. Forthcoming.

  • Hector Bahamonde (2022). “Still for Sale: The Micro-Dynamics of Vote Selling in the United States, Evidence from a List Experiment.” Acta Politica 57.1, pp. 73-95.
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  • Hector Bahamonde and Mart Trasberg (2021). “Inclusive Institutions, Unequal Outcomes: Democracy, State Capacity, and Income Inequality.” European Journal of Political Economy 70. May, pp. 102048.
    [Paper] [Cumulative Census Data] [Media coverage (NYT)]

  • Felix Modrego, Andrea Canales, and Hector Bahamonde (2020). “Employment Effects of COVID-19 Across Chilean Regions: An Application of the Translog Cost Function.” Regional Science Policy & Practice 12.6, pp. 1151-1167.

  • Hector Bahamonde (2018). “Aiming Right at You: Group versus Individual Clientelistic Targeting in Brazil.” Journal of Politics in Latin America 10.2, pp. 41-76.
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  • Juan Pablo Luna et al. (2011). “El Secreto de mi Exito: Parte II. Los Caminos a Vaparaiso en 2009.” Revista de Ciencia Política 31.2, pp. 285-310.

Submitted, Under Review, Revise and Resubmit.

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In Preparation

  • Hector Bahamonde, Inga Saikkonen and Mart Trasberg. “Being on the Losing side and Commitment to Democratic Principles: Experimental Evidence from New Democracies.” Experimental data collection done (January 2024).

  • Hector Bahamonde, Inga Saikkonen and Mart Trasberg. “Authoritarian Legacies and Commitment to the ‘Egalitarian Model of Democracy’.” Experimental data collection done (January 2024).

  • Hector Bahamonde, Inga Saikkonen and Mart Trasberg. “Creating Political Support for Tax Increases: A Vignette Experiment in Chile and Estonia’.” Experimental data collection done (January 2024).

  • Hector Bahamonde and Aki Koivula. “Power To The People: Rising Inequality Levels and the Case of the Finns Party in Finland.” Writing process in progress.

  • Hector Bahamonde, Heikki Kaupi, Igor Kovac and Wilma Nissila. “Not Just Guns or Butter, but What Came First—Guns or Butter? Introducing GVAR to International Relations.”

  • Hector Bahamonde. “Illiberal Democrats: The 2016 United States Presidential Election as a Critical Juncture, a Conjoint Experiment.”

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